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Valuation And Funding

Valuation of a Land Asset OR Farm house is undertaken by two different parties

  • Sellers of farm Houses in Delhi
  • Buyers with a shortlisted farm house in Delhi

The (a) category of sellers seek professional valuation, on open market valuation basis, of their Farm Land / Built up farm house asset, in a bid to seek optimum realization while selling their Farm house in Delhi.In many cases, a request is made to take into account the facilities, amenities, features of the farm, the age of assets etc., which have to be differentially valued than land.

Category (b), Those who have shortlisted either a geographic location, OR a specific property seeks valuation to determine if the pricing quoted is right on a competitive market price basis.

In both above instance, the Delhi farms team be of assistance.

Please fill in the details of your Land / Farm house in confidence, and we would depute a senior resource for the preliminary discussions.

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