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ByeLaws And Regulations

1. Low density Residential Plot Notification dated 22nd February 2016

2. SDMC Farmhouse Notification dated 27th August 2014

3. DDA Public notice on LDRP village list

 4. Modification to Regulations for Regularization of Farm Houses in Delhi dated 12 february 2014


 5. Charges for availing additional Floor Area Ratio (FAR) in respect of plots in LDRA dated 11 february 2014


 6. Regulations for regularization of farmhouse- 6-02-2014


 7. Notification-regulations for farmhouse 1-1-2014


 8. Charges for availing additional Floor Area Ratio in respect of Farmhouses in the LDRA dated 31-12-2013


9. Simplified procedure for regularization of existing Farm houses dated 22-10-2013

10. Number of Farmhouses per acre dated 25-09-2013

11. Regulations for Regularization of Farm Houses in Delhi 20-09-2013

12. DDA Public notice regarding policy of Development of Low Density Development Areas 18-09-2013

13. List of Low Density Residential Areas (LDRA) & Low density Residential Plots (LDRP)- 18-06-2013

14. Gazette Notification on Farmhouse Development Control Norm -10-05-2013

15. DDA Public notice declaring list of Low Density Residential Areas-11-12-2012

16. Regulations for Regularisation of Farmhouses in Delhi -30-10-2012


Low Density Residential Area Development Control Norms:

Minimum Plot Area

0.4 Ha (01 acre)


Max. FAR

-20 (without any charges)

- Above 20 upto 30(with additional charges to be notified by the competent authority)

- For plots more than 1 acre, the portions remaining (if any) after plot-subdivision will get the benefit of FAR only on prorate basis

Min width of continuous road in front

6 meter*

Min. green area


Max. Height

12 meter

No. of main dwelling units permitted

- Two Dwelling Units on LDRA plot of one acre (0.4 ha) maybe permitted with FAR of 20 and for additional 10 FAR i.e. from 20 to 30 one additional Dwelling Unit is allowed subject to payment of requisite charges as approved and notified by the Government of India.


- EWS unit of 60 sqm per acre in addition to permitted FAR.


Bye laws & Regulations

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