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Delhi Farms aims to be an unique & focused initiative to BUY - SELL - RENT Farm Houses in Delhi.

Delhi Farms is an unique effort by domain experts in the field of LAND & FARM HOUSES, in Delhi, wherein, the clients can access knowledge, transaction assistance & value adds for their Farm house project, from a single forum.

  • -Our Research teams farm for information on a daily basis, and the analysts compare the same with the legal teams. We map the trends of pricing, products, projects & communication, from every possible source.
  • -Our inventory teams collect inventory from the markets, including the listings  received on this website. The legal teams vet the inventory for marketability worthiness, and advise the clients accordingly.
  • -We assist the sellers & Buyers with their client search, and assist with the consummation of the sales / Leasing transaction
  • -We assist the clients with the documentation, registration, mutation & such other actions that may be necessary for valid legal transaction

Our value added services team, both internal & external, assist the clients with a host of services, some of which are listed below.

  • - Valuation service for existing farm houses in Delhi
  • - Valuation of Land in the Green belt of Delhi
  • - Legal & Due diligence of Farm house / Land for farm house in Delhi
  • - Licensing & approval assistance
  • - Strategic planning, design & Execution assistance for Farm House projects in Delhi
  • - For investors - Selection of project Land & execution including sales of farm houses
  • - Funding & financing requirements of Farm house owners & intending buyers
  • - Design, Landscaping, Renovation & Interiors within farm houses

The vision of the Delhi Farms team is  to evolve as the 'One source service provider' for all Farm House requirements.

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